Goodminton is the home of strong brands. Our approach: Online first, vertically integrated and innovative. Our objective: To become the No. 1 digital nutrition holding.

– Philipp Schrempp,  Founder and Board Director


Who we are

Product Engineers, Nutritionists, Data Scientists, Marketeers, Journalists, Growth Hackers, UI / UX Experts, Art Directors, Venture Capitalists, Finance Specialists, Operations and Logistics Managers, Software Engineers, Talent Developers.

Our common goal is to create brands that come to life online and target new customer segments. We create a brand ecosystem that inspires a whole generation.

Tobias Schuele and Philipp Shrempp of Goodminton

Tobias Schüle & Philipp Schrempp
Founders and Board of Directors


Our Work Approach

Successful brands aren’t built overnight. What sets us apart? Our symbiosis of functional expertise, pure passion and intelligent value creation in e-commerce.

  1. Online first

    We use our expertise and technologies to create brands where the new generation looks for them – online. A total of 100 years of experience in e-commerce qualifies us to develop international scalable online brands.

  2. Vertically integrated

    Due to strong vertical integration of a maximum amount of elements from our value chain, we create a consistent end-to-end retail customer experience. Eliminating expensive and unnecessary intermediate steps along the supply chain, enables us to act dynamically and respond immediately to changing markets.

  3. Innovation

    We challenge the status quo of how to build a brand. We focus on who matters most – the customer. With creativity and data-driven customer insights, we develop unique strategies and new ways of communication.